In my paintings I examine the effect of force and energy explosions in both defined and undefined spaces. These forces and energies in the space can appear as an abstract relation as well as a familiar shape.

A series of paintings can express a start of breakdown in different doses. A threatening collapse or slowly developing.

In other paintings you will see different degrees of explosions.

An implosion or explosion in varied degrees.

The surfaces will fracture in different doses depending of how discreet or severe the effort of energy is. A fractured and crystallised image will appear.

My approach in painting is a concrete, constructive structure.

The constructions appear as familiar forms of architecture as well as engineering fragments.

Further on I can choose more geological components from the nature.

The composition in the painting is created by those constructions as well as bigger undefined surfaces.

This undefined surfaces you can se as loose spots with easy brushstrokes, but the surfaces can as well appear as surfaces prepared thoroughly.

It is interesting for me to work with the interaction between the strict and concrete objects and constructions and the undefined surfaces – that is how much they are stretched in comparison to each other as well as the fact which technique I have chosen.

Kamma Kaae, 2014